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Shipping Policy

Shipping charges are intended to cover the costs incurred to process, prepare, and transport your order. 

Order Processing

Our fulfillment department ships your gift packages to be received on the exact delivery date you selected in your order (provided that it matches the the shipping option selected). Orders placed before 11:30 am EST will be available to ship the same day via the service you selected. Orders received after that time will ship out the next business day. Please choose the appropriate date that matches the shipping option selected. We do not ship any perishable items over the weekend, so orders in after 11:30am Thursday will ship the following Monday.  

Shipping Cost

Shipping charges vary by gift basket and shipping speed and are applied to each package in your order. Standard and expedited shipping are calculated during the checkout process. Simply enter your recipient's address, select the date you would like your gift to arrive, and you will be able to view the shipping charges.  

Track My Order

Log into your account, and click on View Order Status. If your order shows 'pending' or 'processing', that indicates that your order has not yet shipped. If your gift has shipped, you will be able to view your tracking number, track your package enroute, and verify delivery details as well.  

Summer Shipping

Many products that we sell contain heat sensitive products.
To help ensure that your order arrives in excellent condition, during the months of May-October, we pack our heat sensitive products ice packs.

Heat sensitive gifts are gifts that contain chocolates and/or other heat sensitive products and will show this alert:

Heat Sensitive/ Meltable Products  

There will be a $2.99 fee for all heat sensitive gifts which will be added to your cart automatically. This fee covers the cost for the heat sensitive packaging.
Shipping for heat sensitive gifts cannot exceed 2 days transit time and cannot ship over a weekend, so orders in after 12pm Thursday will ship the following Monday. If an incorrect date is selected we will change the shipping method and charge your card accordingly.

We are NOT responsible if the following events occur:

- Disruptions in the air or ground transportation networks, such as weather phenomena and natural disasters
- The unavailability or refusal of a person to accept delivery
- Delays caused by the consignee
- Acts of God
- Public authorities acting with actual or apparent authority on the premises
- Riots, strikes, and other labor disputes
- Civil commotion 

Refused Shipments

For shipments that are refused and returned a fee will be applied to the return plus the shipping charges.

If your order qualified for free shipping and the shipment was refused and returned shipping charges and a fee will be applied to the refund.

What if the gift is going to a hospital?
If a gift is being shipped to a hospital for a patient, it is delivered to a receiving area. From there, the hospital staff brings the package to a patient’s room. This process could delay the package from being delivered to a recipient for several hours and, depending on the time of day that it is initially delivered, the package might not get to the recipient until the next day. This process is to ensure the safety and privacy of the patients in the hospital.

What if the gift is going to a College/Yeshiva/Seminary?
If a gift is being shipped to a College/Yeshiva/Seminary, the package is most often delivered to the Campus Mail Room. This occurs even when an exact address, complete with door number, is on a package. This is a security measure most colleges put in place to ensure the safety of their students. The package is considered received once it has been delivered to that designated location. This process could delay the package from being delivered to a recipient , depending on the time of day that it is initially delivered, the package might not get to the recipient until the next day.

What if the gift is going to a business?
If a gift is being shipped to a business, FedEx and UPS will deliver the package to the designated area where they deliver all other packages to the company. This may be a receiving area, a welcome desk, or an administrative desk. Many companies do not allow the delivery drivers to enter an office in pursuit of a recipient, so once the package has been signed for, it is the companies’ responsibility to make sure the gift reaches the correct person.

What if we get an incorrect or incomplete address?
If we ship a gift basket to an incorrect address then it will be returned to us. Unfortunately, FedEx charges us a flat $15 fee to return the package, which we must in turn charge you. Once a package with an incorrect or incomplete address has left the building there is little we can do. On occasion we can reroute a package to the proper address for a fee of $15 but this is not always successful. Either way the package will be returned to us and must be sent back out for delivery. FedEx does not always call us to tell us that there is a problem delivering the package and we often do not find out there is a problem until the package is returned. In these rare instances, we ask for your patience and promise in return to do everything in our power to make sure your gift basket arrives in perfect condition and as soon as humanly possible.