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Our Story

Shani and Shaya Zidele are connectors. That's not something they learned in school or through an online course-- it's just who they are. Shaya is at his best when he has the opportunity to connect with and assist others: customers, co-workers, vendors, even strangers. Shani, while raising and connecting to her children, combined her creativity and warmth to connect to others through beautiful hospitality platters presented as thank-yous, welcome home surprises, or quick pick-me-ups. When the Zideles decided to take their own connection in another direction by buying a business together, they searched for a company that would tap into their strength as connectors, make others happy, and incorporate Shani’s flair for creativity. was the perfect match-- a creative company connecting people through the joy of receiving thoughtful and beautiful gifts. The Zideles knew that they could deepen those connections and establish new ones by making the business more beautiful, more flexible and more friendly. With the goal of bringing connection to a very impersonal space, the internet, Shani and Shaya redesigned the entire website to make it easier for you to create connections with others. And since connecting is a very personal thing, the Zideles created the ability for you to personalize gift baskets. Buying a kosher gift basket for someone is not like buying toothpaste. You're building connections, the same connections Shaya and Shani love: connection to others, connection to each other, and the ability to create connections among those that partake of a kosher gift basket. Send a kosher gift basket and create your own connection.
Let’s connect