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General FAQ’s

Q: My gift arrived without a name in the card. How can I verify who sent me this gift?

A: Simply open the enclosed card to see the order number and email us for the sender information.  

Q: Can I substitute an item in the basket or create a custom basket?

A: Yes. Please contact our customer support at  

Q: Can I change my order?

A: As long as the Status of your order (found in My Account, Orders tab) does not show that the gift is "Shipped" or "Complete" please reach our customer service by emailing      

Q: Can I send a personalized message with my gift Baskets?

A: Yes, you can! Your baskets will all arrive with your free personalized gift card which is included with each gift.  

Q: Do you have bulk discounts?

A: Yes! Please contact our customer service department to find out more.  

Shipping FAQ’s

Q: Can my order be delivered same day?

A: All orders take at least one day to be delivered.  

Q: Which carriers do you ship with?

A: Kosher Gift Baskets delivers gifts by carriers such as UPS, FedEx, or the United States Postal Service.  

Q: When will my order ship?

A: Our fulfillment department ships your gift packages to be received on the exact delivery date you selected in your order. Orders placed before 12:00 pm EST will be available to ship the same day via the service that was selected.

Q: How will I know when my order has shipped?

A: You will receive a shipment confirmation email after your gifts have been shipped. You can track delivery status on our website; so be sure to include an email address and password when you place your order.  

Q: How can I track my package?

A: Log into your account, and click on View Order Status. If your order shows ‘pending’ or ‘processing’, that indicates that your order has not yet shipped. If your gift has shipped, you will be able to view your tracking number, track your package enroute, and verify delivery details as well.  

Q: Why doesn't my tracking number work?

A: Usually it takes about 12-24 hours from when you get the tracking e-mail for your tracking number to update in the carriers database. If you still have a problem, feel free to contact us.  

Q: What if I entered an incorrect address?

A: Please check the addresses that you enter before submitting your order. An incorrect address may delay the delivery of your gift, or your gift may be returned to us. A surcharge may be applied to your order if a suite or apartment number is missing, or if the address is otherwise incorrect. If you inadvertently entered an incorrect address, contact Customer Service at so that we can assist you with the address correction.  

Q: How can I ensure that my items will arrive in perfect condition?

A: We pack each shipment that leaves our facility with care and attention to ensure it will arrive as expected. Perishable items are shipped in dry ice to ensure freshness. During the months of May-October, heat sensitive items will not ship over a weekend, and will be specially packaged with cold packs. 

Payment FAQ's

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We accept all major credit cards. (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) 

Q: Do you collect sales tax?

A: We collect Sales tax for order delivered in the state of New York. Sales tax is 8.875%.  

Q: Will my gift look exactly like the one in the photo?

A: If you (or your gift recipient) are not completely satisfied with the quality of a delivered product please contact our customer service department immediately. Your complete satisfaction is our goal. Please read all disclaimers regarding our delivery policy and substitution policy

Kosher Info

The term "kosher" denotes food which has been prepared according to Jewish dietary laws.
Generally, Rabbinic supervising agencies affix their symbols to various products to signify that such product is Kosher. The most well known and universally accepted symbols are O-U, O-K, Star-K and Chaf-K. There are also lesser known symbols, indicating supervision by more localized Rabbinic certifying organizations.
The term "kosher" has become part of the vernacular, signifying that which is "clean" or "pure," and has therefore become attractive to non-Jewish consumers as well. only uses products that are under strict orthodox supervision. All products in Israel are Chalav Yisroel and under the strictest supervision (B'Datz or MeHadrin min HaMeHadrin).